Multifuel stations

Multifuel stations

ButanGas International has a network of 6 multifuel stations in Serbia offering different types of fuel, as LPG, petrol and diesel, including coffee and shops.

More and more motorists have discovered the advantages of LPG:

  • A high efficiency ecological fuel.
  • Lower cost for the same consumption compared to other fuels.
  • Granted tax concession for transportation companies.
Environmentally friendly mobility

In fact, recent data show that 78% of petrol cars fall into the most polluting classes, from euro 0 to euro 4, for a total of 14 million cars.


If 50% of these vehicles were converted to LPG, an environmental advantage would be obtained and for enormous human health, equal to 1.3 million tons per year of CO2 and about 1,000 tons per year of NOx (precursor of the formation of fine dust). It therefore becomes useful and convenient, both from an environmental and economic point of view, to encourage such conversions.

Discover the Multifuel station closest to you by consulting the list below, or contact us through the online form.


Benzinska stanica Mladenovac

Adresa: Palanački put bb

Beograd, Mladenovac 11409

Google Maps:

Tel: +381.11.411.8952

Benzinska stanica Niš

Adresa: Matejevački put bb, Niš

Niš 18000

Google Maps:
Tel: +381.18.574.904

Benzinska stanica Kruševac

Adresa: Balkanska 99, Kruševac

Kruševac 37000

Google Maps:
Tel: +381.

Benzinska stanica Prokuplje

Adresa: Vasilija Đurovića Žarkog 7

Prokuplje 18400

Google Maps:

Tel: +381.27.333.557

Benzinska stanica Kuršumlija

Adresa: Visoka BB

Kuršumlija 18430

Google Maps:
Tel: +381.27.383.344

Benzinska stanica Leskovac

Adresa: Lebanski put bb

Leskovac 16000

Google Maps:

Tel: +381.16.214.356

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