Branches in Serbia
Present throughout the national territory

ButanGas Branches in Serbia

ButanGas International has been continuously present on the Serbian LPG market since 2005.


ButanGas, thanks to an extensive distribution network, consisting of 6 regional managers deployed in the sector of LPG tanks, LPG bottles and gas stations, 3 large storage areas and LPG bottling plants, operates throughout Serbia and is available to every potential user.


Contact us and find your nearest ButanGas sales representative or use the contact form to get an answer to your every request or need for further information about the services we offer, or about ButanGas LPG.

Novi Beograd 11070
Adresa: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 65


Tel: 011.212.0589
Tel: 062.400.111
Tel/fax: 011.311.3664

Prokuplje 18400
Adresa: Vasilija Đurovića Žarkog 7


Tel: 027.333.557
Tel/fax: 027.333.556

Visoka 18430, Kuršumlija
Adresa: Visoka BB


Tel: 027.383.344

Kruševac 37000:

Adresa: Balkanska 99, Kruševac


Leskovac 16000

Adresa: Lebanski put bb, Gornje Sinkovce


Tel: 016.214.356

Niš 18000

Adresa: Matejevački put bb, Niš

Tel: 018.574.904

Mladenovac 11400

Adresa: Palanački put bb, Kovačevac


Tel: 011.411.8952

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