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ButanGas International branches

ButanGas International has been active on Serbian market since 2005. and is one of the leaders in the domestic LPG market. ButanGas operates across the country in three branches, three LPG storages and two bottling plants. ButanGas distribution network covers the entire territory of Serbia.

You will allways find the ButanGas expert near you. Contact him to find out all the details of the economy, efficiency, and benefits of both distribution channels, bottles and LPG tanks.


Novi Beograd 11070
Address: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 65

Tel: 011.212.0589
Tel: 062.400.111
Tel/fax: 011.311.3664


Visoka 18430, Kuršumlija
Address: Visoka BB

Tel: 027.383.344


Prokuplje 18400
Address: Vasilija Đurovića Žarkog 7

Tel: 027.333.557
Tel/fax: 027.333.556 ”