Possible Uses

Possible Uses

ButanGas provides its resources, knowledge and continuous cooperation with industrial partners who are leaders in different trade sectors to determine possible areas of action. Analyzing needs, calculating potential consumption, and energy requirements, for estimating the cost-effectiveness of converting the system from current fuel to propane, evaluating suggestions that would impact the output to make the production process more efficient, simpler, cleaner, and cheaper.

Heating and cooling

Propan is an excellent heating fuel, but its use also increases for cooling space, thanks to innovative devices (gas pumps).

Heat your business premices with propane and discover all the benefits of clean, safe, and always available energy: just install the ButanGas LPG tank. Tanks remain the property of ButanGas, and ButanGas as a reservoir owner in a regular maintenance obligation to maintain the level of maximum security without any of your investment.

Thanks to the propane you do not have only the possibility of heating in the winter period, but also the possibility of cooling during summer.

Ask our consultants for advice. They will show you how you will always have a clean, safe and environmentally friendly energy through a ButanGas LPG tank and LPG cylinders.

Although since 01.10.2012. excise on LPG for use in households and business users has been declared, as well as for use in industrial purposes, The Law of Excise provides refunds of excise, all in accordance with the Regulations that explain the conditions and ways of conducting that right. Regarding this, LPG has an economic advantage over other energy source.

You can download the details, instructions and rules that explain the conditions and ways of realization the right excise refund.

Obrazac REF-G.pdf

Industry and handcraft

Propane is applied to nearly all the industrial fields: from food to metallurgy, flame-cutting, glass and paper, pottery, precious metals, drying sludge and sewage, flaming stone, leather processing, heat metal treatment, heat treatment in footwear, production, processing and thermoforming of plastic, shrink packaging, drying paint, plastic foams processing, production of asphalt, sealing, welding, drying plaster, paint stripping, refrigeration, laundries, roasters, etc..

Agriculture and livestock uses

Propane favors a working context such as agriculture and livestock, characterized by wide areas difficult to be reached by other fuels. The most common uses involve drying processes, canning and food processing industry, slaughter, wine production and poultry-farming.

But propane plays a fundamental role both in agriculture and livestock, in all those cases where an easily transportable fuel allows to have energy everywhere, at a low cost and in an extremely easy way. Applications which imply the use in open field, such as the pyroherbicide or hot air generators used in farming, would not be possible without such a versatile, practical and clean fuel.

Propane is non-toxic and free of residues resulting from the combustion. Therefore it is perfect for the cultivation of organic products.

Business accommodation

The isolated displacement, the need for a high and constant efficiency, the possibility of supplying all the equipments and the absence of fixed costs in the bill often make Propane the ideal fuel for many kinds of activities, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, spas and care homes: they can find in it a reliable ally, safe and environmentally friendly.

Extremely popular are the LPG “mushrooms” to heat the terraces of the bars and restaurants.

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